(Founder & Chief Trainer – Adonai Advertising)

(Founder & Cohort Leader – Make Marketer)

  • A Complete Digital Marketing Professional with over 10+ years of end-to-end Advanced Digital Marketing Expertise. Worked with Google AdWords for long, managed 13000+ business accounts and helped advertisers across APAC improve their ROI.
  • Founder & Chief Trainer at Adonai Advertising and Media (A Google Partner Company), an Advanced Digital Marketing Training Institute/agency with over 6000+ Student enrollments and 2275+ Placements in MNC’s.
  • Founder & Chief Trainer at Make Marketer (A Google Partner Company), India’s First Full Stack Digital Marketing Training Bootcamp.
  • Digital Marketing Trainer for Aurora B School’s Marketing students.
  • Speaker for events hosted by MSME (Ministry of Micro Small Medium Enterprises) related to Digital Marketing in Hyderabad.
  • One of few agencies to participate in ‘GameOn’, a Competition hosted by Google specifically for Google Partner Agencies.
  • Lead Speaker at Digital Marketing Summit @ 2015 in HYD. Gathering of over 450+ Marketing professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • Speaker at Digital Marketing Summit 2016 @ JNTUH Hyderabad, gathering of over 500+ Digital Marketing Enthusiasts in JNTUH.
  • Approved by Social Welfare Dept, Govt of Telangana, to train SC candidates on Digital Marketing strategies as part of Skill Development programme
  • Trained well over 6000+ Students, with over 2275+ candidates placed into MNC’s.
  • Was an advisor to MBA students from XLRI (Jamshedpur) during their participation in GOMC (Google Online Marketing Challenge).
  • Extensive Contributor to Global AdWords Community during my time with Google.
  • Managing AdWords accounts of clients from Adonai Advertising and Media’s MCC account, whose overall spend spans over 200,000 USD each year


 Google India Pvt. Ltd

(Mar 2010 – Feb 2013)

AdWords Account Strategist

  • Analyze detailed Account KPI’s including CPC, CTR, Conversions and Conversion rate to reach target CPA goals, recommend suggestions to increase ROI.
  • Analyzing Impression Share reports, Auction Insights reports of their AdWords accounts and assisting advertisers in improving their campaign performance.
  • Use AdWords editor to create multiple campaigns that are to target specific placements and also for remarketing campaigns.
  • Creating, implementing, tracking, analyzing and optimizing paid search campaigns using RSLA, DSA’s, Similar Audiences and Customer Match features
  • Extensive knowledge of Google Analytics reports and find actionable insights about individual marketing channels.
  • Was the POC for AdWords Remarketing related issues from UMM accounts for APAC region.
  • Extensive work on Google Analytics Conversion Attribution Models, using Multi Funnel reports to find the conversion paths most valuable and marketing channels most affective.
  • Tracking effectiveness of advanced Remarketing strategies and shopping campaigns by looking at Conversion rate and Cost per Conversion values.
  • Test Different ad copies, landing pages and several bidding strategies and other multi variant features in AdWords accounts and experiments in Analytics.
  • Create a monthly report that shows the accounts KPI’s and the revenue generated through the paid advertising program.
  • Preparing the materials for newbie candidates to help them understand the real time account related issues from advertisers.


Coalition Technologies USA 

Clients: PPC Clients

Duration:  August, 2015 – Nov, 2015

AdWords Consultant (PPC)

  • Analyzing and improving AdWords Campaigns of LCS advertisers with Large Budgets to reach their KPI goals.
  • Worked on several LCS accounts, involving daily optimizations based on SQR, Auction insights, Impression Share, Conversion rate, Conversion Costs and Value/Conversion.
  • Help new advertisers understand the workflow coalition follows and on board them and be their POC.
  • Majorly worked on Conversion driven approaches that accounts should follow them to reach them to reach their CPA goals.
  • Conversion rate increased from 6% to 11% (12 LCS AdWords Clients Handled)


Founder, Adonai Advertising (A Google Partner):

Clients: Agency Clients

Duration: Feb, 2013 – Till Date

Role: Founder & Chief Trainer

  • Training Candidates on Advanced Digital Marketing Modules with Concepts, Practicals, and Real time Projects.
  • Trained over 6000+ Candidates so far and have close to 2275+ Candidates working in MNC’s.
  • Signed an MOU of Partnership with Aurora B Schools for providing Digital Marketing Training and Certification to the B school students.
  • Signed an MOU with the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Telangana to provide Digital Marketing Training and Certification to SC candidates as part of Skill Development programme.
  • Develop strategies and implement them to reach new clients and increase our clientele.
  • Organize regular meetups with the existing clients and explain them about their business performance and approaches being used to improve their business on Digital Platforms.
  • Most of the Digital Marketing Trainers in Hyderabad today happen to be my apprentices/trainees and students.
  • 6000+ trainees including candidates from ISB’s and IIM’s and overseas.
  • Speaker @Digital Fest Hyderabad @ 2014. Gathering of 400 Digital Marketing Experts
  • Lead Speaker at Digital Marketing [email protected] in HYD. Gathering of over 450+ Marketing professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • Speaker at Digital Marketing Summit 2016 @JNTUHHyderabad, gathering of over 500+ Digital Marketing Enthusiasts in JNTUH.
  • Was an Advisor to the MBA candidates from XLRIwho participated in GOMC 2015 (Google Online Marketing Challenge).
  • One of few agencies to participate in ‘GameON’, a Competition hosted by Google specifically for Google Partner Agencies.
  • Attend Events conducted by Google (Digital Unlocked) to bring awareness about the importance of Digital Presence for businesses.

Mr. Prashanth as Speaker
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