Advanced Google Analytics Strategies

Cohort Starts on 24th February, 2020

100% Real-Time Accounts
Learn Google AdWords the right way,100% Practicals. Create campaigns on Search Network, Display, Shopping, Video and APP campaigns. Use Most Advanced Features.
Microsoft Certification
Upon Completion of Digital Marketing Training, you would write Microsoft Certification for Bing Ads. You will receive a certificate from Microsoft.
6 Google Certifications
Upon completion of Digital Marketing Training, write Google Certifications i.e. AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Mobile & Analytics.
Advanced AdWords Strategies
Use IF Functions, Ad Customizers, Countdown, Scripts, Dynamic remarketing, RLSA, Custom Audiences and tracking templates. Use website call conversions

Our Clients Spend Over $400,000+/Yr
Implement eCommerce AdWords Strategies

Google AdWords Training on Real-Time Account. Analyze the performance and optimize it.
Implement Advanced Strategies & become a Full Fledged AdWords Pro.
Learn Advanced Remarketing Strategies and Increase Conversion Rates.
Implement IF Functions, Customizers, Countdown, RLSA, Custom Affinity etc.

Become AdWords Expert by using Scripts, IF functions, Ad Customizers, Dynamic Remarketing, Value Ladders, Attributions, Multi-Channel Funnels. Get ready for any PPC challenge or role in 35 days.

To become an advanced digital marketer, you have to use advanced strategies and tag every visit to the site using UTM tracking parameters. No point in learning basics, you cannot survive for long. Real digital marketing is what drives companies growth on the internet. Get on and become a real digital marketer.
You will be working on our agency clients and analyze their data in AdWords, Analytics and FB campaigns. Learn with campaign managers while they optimize and learn from the experts. Digital Marketing is best learned by working on real accounts. Digital Marketing without data is like driving with eyes closed, it’s dangerous.
You will be getting access to our high spending clients and learn on these accounts. Each account will have more than INR 1,000,0000 worth of clicks, CTR, Conversion data etc. Also every week, you can also join the live call with our clients, so you can understand how client and agency relationship is established.
Uncompromising Subject

Google Ads Bootcamp Syllabus

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Google Ads
• What is Google Ads?
• Why you should use Google Ads?
• Difference between Google Ads and Ads Express?
• Learn about Google My Business.
• Important industry statistics about Google Ads
• Objection Handling with Google Ads?

Chapter 2 - How do Google Ads and auction work?
• Google Ads ad auction Infographic
• What is Ad Rank and its formulae?
• How Google Calculates Quality Score.
• Importance of Quality Score on account Performance.
• Difference between Max. CPC and Actual CPC.
• Correlation of Quality Score and Actual CPC.
• Difference between PPC and CPC and SEM?

Chapter 3 - Digging into Google Ads
• How Google Ads is structured? Accounts, Campaigns &Ad Groups
• Tightly themed AdGroups
• Importance of single keyword adgroup (SKAG)
• What are Search Keywords?
• Keyword Match Types
• The positives of Negative match.

Chapter 4 - Keywords and How to use Google Keyword Planner
• Thorough Analysis of Google Ads Keyword Planner
• Adding keywords directly to adgroups from keyword planner
• Complete Keyword analysis (3rd party tools) and forecasting.
• A study on SEMrush, Spyfu and other paid tools
• Google Budget planner tool.

Chapter 5 - Understanding Google Ads Account Structure
• Account Level Settings
• My Client Center and its importance
• Campaign Level Settings
• Adgroup Level Settings
• Ads and Keyword Level Settings

Chapter 6 - Create Your First Google Ads Campaign
• Different types of campaigns in Google Ads
• Understanding Campaign Goals and Objectives
• Alpha Beta Campaigns
• Add Negative Keywords at Account/Campaign level
• Add Negative Keywords at Ad Group level
• Advanced Bidding Strategies (Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, ROAS)
• Bid Adjustments
• Draft and Experiments

Chapter 7 - Ad Optimizations
• Expanded Text Ads
• Best Practices of Text Ads
• Editorial Policies& Business Policies
• Call Only Ads
• Responsive Search Ads
• Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
• Dynamic Keywords Insertion (DKI)
• Ad Customizers
• IF and Countdown Functions
• Value Track Parameters, Tracking Templates and Custom Parameters

Chapter 8 - Ad Extensions
• Detailed Study of Ad Extensions
• Effect on Ad Extensions on CTR
• Effect of Ad Extensions on Ad Rank

Chapter 9 - Shopping Campaigns
• What is Google Shopping
• Creating a Google Merchant Center Account
• Understanding the attributes of Product feeds
• Uploading Product feed to GMC
• Subdividing the products feeds based on product type, brands, labels
• Linking GMC to Google Ads
• Creating your first Shopping Campaign (PLA)
• Optimizing and bidding on product groups

Chapter 10 - Google Ads Reporting
• Search Query Report
• Column Customization
• Data Segmentation and analysis
• Auction Insights Report
• Campaign performance report
• Keywords Performance report
• Impression Share Reports
• Advanced Filters
• Linking Google Analytics to Google Ads
• User Location and Geographic report
• 20 Important Scripts in Google Ads
• Automated Rules& its importance
• Google Ads Campaign Optimization Goals
• All Important Formulaes
• Pointers to look for Campaign Optimization

Chapter 11 - Google Display Network (GDN)
• What is GDN and Industry benchmarks
• Understanding the concept of CPM
• Importance of Identity Based Marketing
• Display Network Ad Formats, Sizes
• Responsive Display Ads
• Display Network Targeting Methods
• Custom Affinity Audience
• Custom Intent Audiences
• Conservative Targeting & Aggressive Targeting
• Remarketing & Similar Audiences

Chapter 12 - Remarketing and Funnel Strategy
• Importance of Remarketing
• Importance of remarketing in funnels
• Value ladders and ad strategies
• Creating Effective Remarketing Audiences/List
• Importing Remarketing Audiences from Google Analytics
• Passing Custom Parameters with the Global Site Tag code
• Implementation of Dynamic Remarketing using Google Ads, GTM, Analytics
• Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)
• Personalized tailored ads for Remarketing audiences using IF functions.
• Understanding Google Tag Assistant Extension and GA Debugger Tool

Chapter 13 - Conversion Tracking
• What is Google Ads Conversion?
• Importance of a thank you page (for Upselling)
• Different Types of Conversions in Google Ads
• How to track Conversions in Google Ads?
• What is tracking code & how to generate it?
• Website Call Conversion Tracking
• Conversion Tracking from Call Only ads and Call Extensions
• Embed the tracking code on the website using GTM
• How to send transaction value parameters with the code
• Tracking Different Conversion Objectives on a single website
• Conversion rate Optimization (CRO)
• Attribution Models, Time Lag report
• Overview of Top Conversion Path in GA
• MCF reports in GA

Chapter 14 - Return on Investment (ROI):
• Understanding the dynamics of ROI
• ROI calculations
• Difference between Conversion rate and Conversion Volume.
• Understanding “Averages Lie” with examples
• Target ROAS bidding Strategies

Chapter 15 - YouTube Video Campaigns:
• Types of Ad Formats
• In Stream, Video Discovery Ads, Bumper Ads
• Settings for a video campaign
• CPV (Cost per View)
• Video Campaign Targeting Ideas
• Remarketing Audiences for YouTube

Chapter 16 - Gmail Sponsored Campaigns (GSP)
Chapter 17 - Once again an overview of Mobile App Campaigns
Chapter 18 - Google Ads Editor
Chapter 19 - Google Ads Certifications:
• Fundamentals Certification Exam
• Search Certification Exam
• Display Certification Exam
• Video Certification Exam
• Mobile Certification Exam
• Shopping Certification Exam

Chapter 20 - Final Note

Google AdWords Setup
Create a Google Ads account or an Ads Express account to start promoting the business on the internet and attract more traffic and leads.
Settings & Tools
Learn to understand the different settings and advanced features that are available in the ads account. Learn to use them effectively.
Ads & Extensions
Learn various ad formats like Expanded Text Ads, Call Only Ads, App Install Ads, Banner Ads and other important Ad extensions.
Shopping Campaigns
Learn and create shopping campaigns (PLA’s) for a live ecommerce website and learn the importance of Google Merchant Center.
Search Network
Learn about Intent Based Marketing and how to target the customers when they are looking for our products or service on Google.
Display Network
Learn about Identity Based Marketing & Branding, various targeting methods that Google provides for Display Network.
Video Campaigns
Learn to create video campaigns and start serving the video ads on YouTube and GDN. Learn about Video remarketing on YouTube.
APP Install Campaigns
Create App Install Campaigns or In-app engagement campaigns to drive more install or app engagements for Play Store & AppStore.
Call Only Campaigns
Create Call Only Campaigns for businesses whose motive is to drive phone calls. Learn to track these phone calls as conversions as well.
SQR & Auction Insights
Understand the SQR & Auction Insights reports in Google Ads. optimize the campaigns based on Search terms & competitor analysis.
Advanced Strategies
Learn Most Advanced Google Ads strategies by working on various big clients. In-depth strategies with Bidding, tagging & remarketing.
Bidding Strategies
Learn and implement all the bidding strategies available in Google Ads account on real-time accounts. Learn to decrease CPA.
Quality Score & Ad Rank
Learn about Ad Rank and Quality scores, parameters that influences the ad serving & Ad Position, and the amount you pay for clicks
Targeting Methods
Learn all the targeting methods in Google Ads in-depth to find the right customer at the right time with the right message.
Website Call Conversions
An advanced conversion tracking feature that allows us to track the no. of calls that were made by users after visiting the website.
Remarketing & RLSA
Remarketing, a remarkable feature of Google Ads. Learn Most Advanced Remarketing strategies with accurate audience tagging.
Conversion Tracking
Learn to track the total number of conversions that are generated from the campaigns. Learn to calculate revenues and ROI’s.
Attribution Models
One of the most difficult subject in Ads. Learn all the different attribution techniques in detail to attribute conversions properly.

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