What makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process. You can’t become an effective marketer & use innovative strategies without Google Tag Manager. Send more data to the all marketing platforms from one place. It’s an Intensive Workshop for experienced digital marketers. It is a special workshop only for people with an invite.

• How to set up GTM so your data always tells the truth in Google Analytics
• The framework Magda uses to set up tagging (and that you can swipe!),
• Five metrics you can track (and how to get the most out of them),
• Learn to integrate Google Analytics, Google Ads and other marketing platforms in one place
• Every Digital Marketer in 2020 have to use GTM and without GTM you will never be able to implement most high-end measurement plans
• You’ll get access to our sandbox container with all tags and triggers and Custom JavaScript variables that you can import into your account.

GTM Workshop - GTM tutorials


MAKE MARKETER (A Google Partner) and Hyderabad Security Cluster (HSC), are organizing the 2nd Edition of the Hague India Cyber Security Summer School from 3rd – 7th June 2019, in collaboration with The Hague Security Delta (HSD), which is the largest security cluster in Europe. Hyderabad Security Cluster (HSC) – India’s 1st Cyber Security Cluster, brings together synergies in Industry, Academia, and Government.

The Hague India Cyber Security Summer School’s five-day program will enlighten the participants on the cutting-edge cyber security developments and allow them to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of cyber security concepts and aspects. Partners such as the Hyderabad Security Cluster, E2Labs, TU Delft, Make Marketer, The Hague Security Delta, NALSAR University of Law, The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, The Municipality of The Hague, and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between these two countries leading the way in cyber security.

Fake News – CTRL + ALT + DEL by Prashanth Reniguntala, Make Marketer.


YES: HEAD - STARTUP :: Telangana State Innovation Cell

Prashanth Reniguntala is speaking to startups about growth hacking, except growth else matters. Remember, startups don’t need another digital marketing plan, they can get such plans from 100 other people and why should they hire you to do the very same thing. Companies/agencies hire those who work for their growth and give them a growth plan. Digital marketing without growth plan is useless.

He would be sharing his views on how to leverage digital marketing for early stage startups.

Setting up marketing funnels to drive prospects to customers.

Note: Growth is a mindset. Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.



A natural, hardcore and curious entrepreneur. A perfectionist who wants to ship first. My strength lies in planning end to end growth and GTM strategies using organic, paid and technical solutions backed by data and analytics, and executing them to achieve exponential growth and ROI. I help build products that sell themselves.

Products I design and build never come (need) a manual.

I’ve mastered the art of people (both client and team) and product management. Passionate about UX and customer success (you many call it customer support/servicing).

Passionate about:
Startups and entrepreneurship
Growth marketing



Workshop for Real estate and builders to leverage the power of digital marketing to generate more sales and leads for their projects. It was an exciting event where we had close to 10+ real estate builder and middleman to use the targeting features of Google and Facebook ads.

We had over 8 other people who joined through the meeting link and were quite happy to see the functional significance of these platforms for their business.

Interested in learning about how digital marketing can be leveraged for your business models, stay in touch with us or get connected to us.