eCommerce Marketing Course

 Improve your confidence, capabilities and performance as a Digital Marketer.

I still hear from a lot of Digital Marketers who aren’t yet skilled the powerful enhanced eCommerce Marketing skills— or aren’t using it to its full potential. Most people give excuses like it’s confusion and the intimidation of it being technical to ignorance of what eCommerce would do and whether these skills are needed at all.

Are these eCommerce Marketing Skills needed? Heck yeah, it is. For every reason imaginable!

Without eCommerce Marketing Skills, you’re limiting yourself and staying away from the most high-end marketing and measurement strategies available for a digital marketer. You will be able to go beyond regular skills and move from an underperformer to the sought after marketer. How in the world do you survive with basic skills You can’t grow. You can’t do any of the crazy measurement stuff.

You know… you can’t market what you can’t measure. Become a Digital Marketing Rockstar with this eCommerce Marketing Mastery Course.

NOTE: This eCommerce Digital Marketing Course is only for experienced Digital Marketers and not for someone who is just beginning with Digital Marketing

 What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Facebook Pixel!. Your campaigns will always be underperforming and you are missing out on the most important part of Facebook Marketing itself, Pixel. You’ll receive the following:

  • Step-by-step guide to setting up the Facebook Pixel the right way, with Prashanth leading you through the entire process
  • Easy-to-follow modules for various complex and confusing concepts, including pixel connection, adding new platforms, data sources, attribution windows, and much more
  • Real-time reports, scenarios, and screenshots from folks already using the FB Pixel and how they’re translating those results into action
  • Resource list of helpful videos, tutorials, and articles for additional clarity and context.

Who is this for?

If you’re curious what all the fuss is about Facebook Pixel and if it’s actually going to help you drive results, increase your client’s marketing budget, and/or demystify the customer’s path to purchase with Facebook Funnels in Analytics.

  • You feel like other Facebook marketers and agencies know something you don’t when it comes to Pixel.
  • You’ve already set up Facebook Pixel but you’re not sure if you took the proper steps.
  • You haven’t yet set up Facebook Pixel and you want to ensure everything is in tip-top shape moving forward.
  • You need clearer, more concise answers you can share with your team and your clients.
  • You want more informative reports that you can pull effortlessly.

Master Shopping Ads & FB Dynamic Ads
Learn Custom Implementation for Analytics

Become an effective eCommerce marketer with eCommerce Measurement Master
 eCommerce Tracking is no more a choice, it’s a necessity in 2020.
Learn Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for implementing enhanced eComm Tracking.
Most eCommerce website fail since they don’t utilize GA properly


India’s Only Program on eCommerce Marketing & Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

eCommerce Marketing & Measurement Curriculum

Products/Inventory Upload and Troubleshooting:

  • Significance of Google Merchant Center for eCommerce websites
  • Google Merchant Center setup and framework
  • Linking Google Merchant Center with Google Ads
  • Linking Shopify store to Merchant Center
  • Linking Shopify store to FB Catalog Manager
  • Manually Uploading Product feeds to Facebook Product Catalog
  • Detailed Study on Product Feeds Setup & its Specifications
  • Categorizing & Sub-dividing product catalogs into product sets by product types, colors, brand, size, custom labels etc. for effective bidding & marketing.
  • Troubleshooting product feeds for any product related issues within merchant center & Catalog manager.
  • eCommerce basics & perquisites
  • Set up Woo Commerce for a WordPress website.
  • Setup Shopify store and plugins
  • Google Ads Business Data Feeds (for non-retail stores)

Advanced Tracking for experienced advertisers:

    • Google Analytics setup for ecommerce websites and implementation
    • Advanced Facebook Pixel implementation with custom parameters for ecommerce websites.
    • Creating High value and Low value visitor custom audiences
    • Creating audiences based on product types, price and categories
    • Implementing remarketing and funnel remarketing strategies.
    • Cross Domain and Sub Domain Tracking to track user behavior across checkout process on different domains.
    • In-depth study on data layers for eCommerce websites for advanced segmentation
    • Installing Data Layers on the website and eCommerce custom parameters
    • Standard & Enhanced eCommerce tracking using Google Analytics
    • Scroll Depth Tracking and its effectiveness to understand user engagement
    • Implementation of Conversion tracking with dynamic conversion values using custom dataLayer variables in Google Ads
    • Implementation of Conversion tracking with conversion values using Google Analytics
    • Implementation of Conversion tracking using dataLayer variables and triggers in Google Tag Manager
    • Sending Transaction information with Conversion tag to Google Ads, FB Pixel and Google Analytics
    • Setting up Goals and Transactions in Google Analytics. Tracking ecommerce revenue.
    • Custom Dimensions and Dynamic Attributes for Dynamic Remarketing
    • In-Depth study on shopping behavior, sales behavior and product behavior

eCommerce Marketing Campaigns:

    • Create Google Shopping campaigns with product data from Merchant center
    • Google Shopping product groups for effective bidding across product categories
    • Audience Creations for Dynamic Remarketing using Google Analytics
    • Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to create laser targeted remarketing audiences.
    • 5 Most Important Remarketing Audiences for every ecommerce website.
    • Facebook Catalog Campaigns for Upselling and remarketing follow up products
    • Create Dynamic Remarketing campaigns using Google Ads and Merchant center
    • Create Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns using Facebook Product Catalogs