#1 – The number 1 reason why most digital marketers and business owners are not able to scale their advertising and maximize sales.
#2 – Why you wouldn’t get any extra advantage in the digital marketing industry just by knowing Google Analytics.
#3 – The number 1 reason why conversion optimization is not working for your website and how to fix it.
#4 – Understand Key Metrics: ROAS, Positive ROAS, Maximum CPA and setting realistic Google Ads Goals and Budget calculations.
#5 – Learn what makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process.


99% of digital marketing course creators in India don’t know the real difference between web analytics, Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) and they are teaching Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) in the name of teaching web analytics. They teach digital marketing without even covering Google Analytics and GTM. Remember, interpretation is the key to marketing success.

They just copy each other. Monkey see, monkey do. I am taking about people who speak at digital marketing conferences and just sell their basic courses which does not to even touch the advanced eCommerce topics. Those topics are already available on YouTube in most of the channels. They make their courses appealing by applying all sought of cosmetic touches.

But web analytics is not about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It is about analyzing and interpreting website data, setting up goals, strategies and KPIs. It’s about driving profits and maintaining positive ROAS. Web analytics is the actual core skill. Google Analytics is just one tool used to implement web analytics. You can also implement web analytics via other tools like Adobe Analytics, Kissmetrics etc.

Using Google Analytics without a good understanding of web analytics is not going to help you a bit in having a long time plan. It is dangerous for any business. You learn data analysis and interpretation of the data from web analytics and not from Google Analytics or other web analytic tools

The direction in which your data analysis will move, will determine the direction in which your marketing campaigns and growth of your company will move to get the highest possible return on investment (ROAS). You get that direction from web analytics and not from Google Analytics.

You need to know lot more than GA in order to work in web analytics and become a REAL Digital Marketer.