Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

Cohort Starts on 7th September 2020

100% Real-Time Practicals
Learn Digital Marketing the right way i.e. complete practically. You will create campaigns on Google Ads, FB Ads, SEO and Email Marketing for the live website.
Learn enhanced eCommerce
Master enhanced eCommerce tracking and measurement by working on a live eCommerce website. Gain experience like 10+ yrs professional.
Advanced Measurement Skills
Upon completion of marketing & measurement bootcamp, you will implement stuff that most10+ years experienced marketers can't..
Data-Driven Marketing
Learn high-end web analytics implementations, customised Google Analytics, GTM implementations. Actionable data with Macro and Micro conversions goals

36+ In-Depth Modules & 450+ Hours
Finest Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

You’ll stop Thinking in Tactics and Start Thinking in Processes.
 Learn to Understand The Entire Customer Journey & Conversion Path
Not Just An AdWords or FB Ads Expert, Become A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategist
Become a digital marketing specialist that companies cant ignore

Learn Advanced strategies i.e. Scripts, Cross Domain Tracking, Custom Variables, Dynamic Remarketing, Value Ladders, Attribution Models, Multi-Channel Funnels. eCommerce Tracking, dataLayers, Conversion Paths & Dynamic Attributes

To become an advanced digital marketer, you have to learn to use advanced eCommerce strategies in real-time campaigns . No point in learning basics tools an platforms , you cannot survive for long in a company with such skills. Real digital marketing plan is what drives companies growth rate. Get on and acquire real digital marketing skills to be a real digital marketer with our immersive digital marketing bootcamp in India.
You will be working on our agency clients (we're a Badged Google Partner) and analyze their reports and data in Google Ads, Analytics, FB campaigns and other marketing platforms. Learn with campaign managers and account managers while they optimize and learn from the experts in real-time. Digital Marketing is best learned by working on real ad accounts. Digital Marketing without data is like driving with eyes closed, it’s dangerous and you will land nowhere.
You will be getting access to our high spending clients and learn on those accounts. Each account will have more than INR 1,000,0000 worth of clicks, Conversion data etc. Also every week, you can also join the live call with our clients, so you can understand how client and agency relationship is established. Every Cohort will have a technology and marketing teams hackathons to give your greater insights on products and product companies during bootcamp.
In-Depth Concepts & Practicals

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Modules

Learn Complete eCommerce Marketing & Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
India's Only Program on eCommerce Marketing & Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Products Upload and Troubleshooting:

• Ecommerce basics & prerequisites
• Google Merchant Center setup
• Linking Google Merchant Center with Google Ads
• Detailed Study on Product Feeds Setup & its attribute Specifications
• Troubleshooting product feeds for any product related issues within Google merchant center
• Uploading Product feeds to Facebook Product Catalog
• Categorizing & Sub-dividing product catalogs into product sets by product types and colors, brand, size, custom labels etc. for effective bidding & marketing in FB Ads manager.
• Set up Woo Commerce for a wordpress website and create your own eCommerce website.
• Setup shopify store and plugins
• Linking Shopify store to Google Merchant store and FB product Catalogs
• Google Ads Business Data Feeds for Dynamic remarketing for a non retail website.

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking:

• Google Analytics eCommerce tracking setup for ecommerce websites and implementation
• Advanced Facebook Pixel implementation with custom parameters for ecommerce websites
• Implementing remarketing and creating basic remarketing audiences.
• Cross Domain and Sub Domain Tracking to track user behavior across checkout process on different domains.
• Installing Data Layers on the website and ecommerce custom parameters
• Standard & Enhanced Ecommerce tracking using Google Analytics
• Scroll Depth Tracking and its effectiveness for tracking user engagement
• Implementation of Conversion tracking with dynamic conversion values using custom dataLayer variables in Google Ads
• Implementation of Conversion tracking with conversion values using Google Analytics
• Implementation of Conversion tracking using dataLayer variables and triggers in Google Tag Manager
• Sending Transaction information with Conversion tag to Google Ads, FB Pixel and Google Analytics
• Setting up Goals and Transactions in Google Analytics. Tracking ecommerce revenue.
• Custom Dimensions and Dynamic Attributes for Dynamic Remarketing
• Learn about the eCommerce goals and calculate revenue metrics in Google Analytics
• Learn about Top conversion paths in GA for goals

Marketing Campaigns:

• Create Google Shopping campaigns with product data from Merchant center
• Google Shopping product groups for effective bidding across product categories
• Audience Creations for Dynamic Remarketing using Google Analytics
• Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to create laser targeted remarketing audiences.
• 5 Most Important Remarketing Audiences for every ecommerce website.
• Facebook Catalog Campaigns for Upselling, Conversions, Product
• Create Dynamic Remarketing campaigns using Google Ads and Merchant center
• Create Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns using Facebook Product Catalogs
• Using Google Analytics Solutions gallery for finding other remarketing audiences.

Google Ads - AdWords
Google Ads Mastery Module offers complete training on Advanced AdWords Strategies, 6 Google Certifications with Real time Practical’s
Facebook Ads (SMM)
Facebook Ads Mastery Module offers in-depth training on Facebook Ads and targeting features and Social Media Marketing strategies
read more
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing Mastery Module covers all SEM techniques to promote a website on search engines to drive more conversions.
read more
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization Mastery Module offers in-depth hands on experience on on-page and off-page SEO strategies for a website
read more
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Module helps you to understand the user behavior on your website and identify top conversion paths and optimize website
read more
Video & YouTube Marketing
Video & YouTube Marketing Module highlights the importance of using video and motion to increase brand awareness and brand recall
read more
Conversion Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization Modules cover all the optimization techniques that improves the conversion rate of the website in real time
read more
Ad Servers & Exchanges
Ad Servers Modules covers the importance of Servers for both publishers and advertisers to manage their ad campaigns and ad inventory
read more
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Modules covers all the email marketing essentials to drive traffic, brand loyalty and engage the present customers
read more
Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization Modules highlights all the important things and ideas that turn a normal website into a highly converting website
read more
Display Marketing
Display Marketing Modules covers all the concepts to implement an effective branding strategy for a website on GDN or publishers
read more
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Module covers all concepts of affiliate marketing techniques and platforms and identifying the right product niches
read more
Mobile & APP Marketing
Mobile & App Marketing Modules covers all the mobile and app strategies to increase the install volume and app engagement techniques
read more
Website Creation & WordPress
Website Creation & WordPress Module focuses on website creation using WordPress and all the plugins that WordPress website effective
read more
Google AdSense & Ad Express
Google AdSense & Ad Express Module covers on monetizing the website for revenue and promoting the local business using Express
read more
DoubleClick For Publishers
DoubleClick for Publishers Module teaches how publishers can monetize their website or APP inventory to SSPs, DSPs, Ad Exchange
read more
16+ Expensive Tools
Learn & Get Access to 20+ Expensive Digital Marketing Tools that includes SEMrush, Alexa, Ahref, Word AI, WooRank, BuzzSumo, Grammarly.
read more
Ad Trafficking – Campaign Manager
Campaign Trafficking covers all concepts related to setting up an ad campaign and targeting criteria, tag creations, serving and reporting
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Say 'NO' to Marketing Mediocrity
Choose 'CAREER' Over 'COURSE'

Learn to Track all the Micro Conversions and Macro Conversions
Note: Growth is a mindset. Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.
You will create your own website and run campaigns for your website.
Many have a marketing plan, few have a follow up plan.

Learn the Real Digital Marketing Skills

Learn Programming + Marketing
Say 'YES' to Measure Marketing

digital marketing bootcamp

#1 – The number 1 reason why most experienced digital marketers are not able to scale their marketing and maximize sales.
#2 – Why you wouldn’t get any extra advantage in the digital marketing industry just by knowing Facebook Ads , Google Ads & Google Analytics.
#3 – Learn how to use JavaScript to implement very high end measurement strategies.
#4 – Understand Key Metrics: ROAS, Positive ROAS, Maximum CPA and setting realistic Google Ads Goals and Budget calculations.
#5 – Learn what makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process.

digital marketing bootcamp

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Google Partners is Google’s platform for Agencies who want to get most out of their relationship with Google.

There are 3 qualification levels to achieve this status i.e. Performance, Spend and Specialisations. Verify our status by clicking on the Google Partner Logo and check Google Partners Database. All other institutes just put the logo but don’t enjoy the actual status.

HTML & JavaScript  are Important to measurement. Without them you can’t measure stuff. Digital marketers without these skills are becoming irrelevant today.  What you can’t measure, you cant market at all.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Difference
New Standard of Measure Marketing

A Recipe for Real Marketing Success
Complete Practical's & implementations

Trusted Measure Marketing

Work on 4+ Live Projects

Professionals Enrolled
Most Advanced Digital Concepts
Global Recognition's
10+ yrs EXP Trainer
Get Hired Faster!
150+ Batches Till Date
Max. of 15 students per Batch
Most In-Depth Concepts
Develop Real Time Strategies
Work on Live Business Accounts
Entrepreneurs Enrolled
Interns, Trainees from ISB’s & IIMs
Business Strategies
Reach your KPI's
1 - 1 Training!
Promote Real Time Businesses
Interact with Business Owners
Learn the Real Skills in Real Time
Advanced optimization Strategies
Manage AdWords Campaigns
Placements Handled
Placements in MNC's & SMB's
Learn-It-All Approach
10+ yrs EXP Trainer
Get Hired Faster!
Get Certified by Google Ads
Get Certified by Microsoft Ads
Get Certified by HubSpot Academy
Build an Impeccable Resume
100+ Interview Questions
Rated 4.7/5 on Google & Facebook
We are Qualified
A Google Partner
20+ Active Clients
Unmatched Quality in Hyderabad
Most Advanced Concepts
Trusted Digital Marketing Training
Ideas Hack – We All Get Together
Learn to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Most High-End Measurement Skills
Say 'NO' to Marketing Mediocrity

Don’t wait for right day or time, it’s high time. We can work together to
ensure that your great future gets the happy beginning it deserves.

Duration: 9 Weeks (55 Days) & 4 Weeks Internship
Pre Foundations Bootcamp & Immersive Bootcamp
Timings: 10:30 am – 05:00 pm (Monday through Saturday)

digital marketing bootcamp


• 100% Real-Time & 100% Practical’s
• Freshers & Experienced Marketers
• 6-7 Hours a day & 55 Days duration
• 36+ In-depth Modules & Strategies
• 1-on-1 training on Live Ad Accounts
• Complete eCommerce Tracking Training
• 100% Job Placement
• Program Fee: 72,000 INR

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digital marketing bootcamp

Measurement Course (3 hrs/day)

• ONLY for 5+ years Experienced Marketers
• 3-4 Hours a day & 45 Days Duration
• Most Advanced GTM Measurement Strategies
• High-End Google Analytics Implementation
• Complete eCommerce Marketing
• Learn to use JavaScript’s & dataLayers
• Learn HTML, JavaScript & RegEx for GA

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digital marketing bootcamp


• 100+ Advanced Videos on YouTube
• Self Study, Learn at home or Office
• Complete Google Ads & FB Ads Tutorials
• Advanced Topics Covered in Detail
• Helps you get prepared for interviews
• Access to Online Webinars
• Watch videos before joining any Institute
• FREE Program

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Say 'NO' to Fake Skills

Dedicated eCommerce Website
Learn Skills like 10+ Yrs EXP. Pro

After successful completion of bootcamp course, you will get certified by Google, Microsoft & HubSpot. Learn Most Advanced Digital Marketing & Measurement Strategies while working on our high spending clients websites in real-time. Finest Digital Marketing Bootcamp Program in India.

Avg. Google Ads Fundamental’s Exam
Google Analytics Certification
Avg. Google Ads Display Certification
Avg. Microsoft Bing Ads Certification
Digital Marketing Bootcamp
Redefining Digital Marketing Training


digital marketing bootcamp
digital marketing bootcamp
inbound certification
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