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Digital Marketing Certifications

Google Provides Google Partner Status to Agencies who meet their partner requirements and Google Ads certification to individuals. It is Google’s way to acknowledging your knowledge on using Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords).

6 Google Certifications – 1 Microsoft Certification – 1 HubSpot Certification

Ask any Digital Marketing expert about the importance of using Google Ads for a business, most likely he will say that it is one of the effective ways to get connected to your target customers and generate leads.

  • Certifications help an individual build their resume
  • It will provide free visibility about your achievement.
  • Get recognized by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and HubSpot.
Digital Marketing Bootcamp certification
Global Recognitions

Certifications by Google & Microsoft

Run ‘dollar-a-day’ Google AdWords & Facebook campaigns for real-time insights. As a Google Partner we’re changing the way digital marketing is taught, so you’ll learn skills that others do not.

Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad needs a paradigm shift in the way digital marketing skills are taught. “You can’t learn Digital Marketing just by going to an institute”. You have to practice and work on real time clients using the most advanced features of Google & Facebook.
Institutes offering Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad has just become a place where they hire trainers and treat this as just another course. For them it’s adding one extra course. Learning digital marketing without data is like swimming without water, it’s not the right thing to do.
In Digital Marketing Training Bootcamp, you will do digital marketing for a live website. Install Google Analytics to the website and then start marketing using different marketing channels and monitor the campaign performance. Its Practical’s and only Practical’s, nothing apart from Practical’s.
Google Digital Unlocked Certification
Provides insights about the dynamics of digital marketing platforms.
Makes you feel strong with the technical jargons in digital marketing.
Covers SEO, SEM, Facebook and other important marketing channels
Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
Google Ads with practical real-time business scenarios.
Different targeting methods and keywords research methodologies.
Covers campaign management and reporting related questions.
Search Advertising Certification
ools and optimization techniques in Google search network.
Performance monitoring and campaign optimization recommendations.
Ad Formats and Website quality and KPI’s
Display Advertising Certification
Display Ads on Google and Display Network targeting options.
Display Ads on YouTube, display ad formats and CPV
Display Ads on Mobile, mobile formats and CPM
Mobile Advertising Certification
Covers basic and advanced concepts, including mobile fundamentals.
Bidding & targeting strategies on mobile devices.
Mobile ads and their measurement solutions.
Video Advertising Certification
The Video Advertising assessment covers basic and advanced concepts.
Best practices for creating, managing, measuring, optimizing video campaigns across YouTube and the GDN.
CPV and Ad Sequencing and Bumper Ads, In-steam, Discovery ads
Google Analytics Certification
Effective tracking of the site visitors and their behavior.
Introduction to working of Analytics Tools.
Ways to connect AdWords and Analytics for adding edge to your campaigns.

Institutes it's Activity, Bootcamp it's Action

Work with clients that spends over 100,00,000 INR into Google Ads every year.
Internship with a Google Partner Agency – Adonai Advertising.
Global Recognitions, Get Hired Faster.