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Google Analytics Insights from Enhanced eCommerce & Segmentation


For this we are using Google Merchant demo account  Product Analysis  1. Product Performance  Which products are generating more revenue? Why it is important to measure the product performance?  The foremost think we want to know about “Products performance”. So let’s start with Product Performance first  In this Enhanced Ecommerce report, you can observe that the first 8 out of 185 products are responsible...

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10 Google Ads Glossary Terms PPC Marketers Must Know


Google Ads Glossary Terms that every PPC marketer should get familiarized with.Before we get to the good stuff - I want to make sure we're on the same page by defining some of the standard PPC terms you'll see in our Google Ads Course playlist on YouTube. Experienced paid advertisers or PPC savvy digital marketers may want to skip over these Google Ads Glossary. However, if you're a beginner to PPC advertising, this section includes the...

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Top 80+ Google Ads Interview Questions for Accenture & Cognizant


Google Ads Interview Questions: If you are looking to apply for a position in digital marketing in Accenture, Cognizant, Ragalix or Wipro (who all work as a vendor a Google Support Process on Google Ads) then you need to get learn to answer all the below questions. A one-stop article to help you crack the Google Ads Interview with Accenture or Cognizant. If you are a fresher and have no digital marketing experience, you may watch some videos...

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5 R's of content marketing to drive 5 times more engagement


Creating content for the website and advertising threads is very important to the survival of one’s company. users are always on the lookout for something or the other that inspires them or teaches them. A great deal of time and effort switches into making that content, therefore it appears a pity to utilize it only once. That is why it is extremely important to optimize your content. Digital Marketing is not just to be out there to sell,...

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Long Tail Keywords are the center of inbound marketing strategies


It has now become very important to target keywords that are long to rank on Google and drive traffic that is more intent oriented (generally referred to as Long Tail Keywords). Since these are the keywords with more accurate and genuine intent and you can drive some very quality traffic to the website. Learn the different ways to find them and how to use them practically in our immersive bootcamp program. However, these long-tail keywords are...

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Selling is incomplete without a proper followup. Stay in touch with your customers


I am Prashanth Reniguntala, Founder Make Marketer. My article here is more of a reminder for you to know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers – which is guaranteed to increase your sales and drive more growth for your business. Remember, Selling is incomplete without Followup. You need to understand that marketing is a process, that is why we use the lines customers journey to online purchase. Whether you are a new...

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