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Ad Spends in Digital Marketing and Users


This digital marketing spending is quite prevalent in developed economies. But here’s the good news – developing countries are starting to catch up, and are not far behind the curve. Check out the below chart and see for yourself the growth in the digital marketing spend share over time in India: Figure source : eMarketer We have seen positions open for years in the digital marketing space because of the shortage of such niche talent...

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How to Capture Missing Impr. & Clicks with DSA?


Dynamic Search Ads Benefits: Dynamic Search ads (DSA) are an advanced Google Ads feature that dynamically generates the Ad Text i.e. Headline and chooses the Display URL and Final URL. It is different from DKI’s (Dynamic Keyword Insertion). Both DKI and DSA dynamically creates & updates the Ad Texts. Key difference is DKI uses a syntax and DSA does not use any syntax in the ad text. Another Key difference is DKI uses Keywords (i.e. DKI...

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