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Make Marketer conducts immersive bootcamp for college students about digital marketing and how it can be leveraged for business growth. For B Schools, we have a tailored approach to teach digital marketing to students so they can learn digital marketing along with their regular marketing subjects, which are included in the curriculum.

Digital Marketing today is no more an option; it is a necessity for every business. Our course feature in-demand technical skills, personalized career coaching to students, and access to resources that helps them to take up additional responsibilities related to digital marketing in company they would later go on to work.

Learn the ropes of digital marketing with a mentor by your side and kick start your career: master acquisition, conversion, and optimization techniques in real-time for growth.


From social media and content strategy to paid campaigns and analytics, you’ll learn digital-marketing tactics that greatly increase engagement.

Reasons for Placements


Marketing is no more marketing without digital in it. The numbers speaks for itself. The annual digital spend of companies into marketing is increasing day by day. The number of opportunities in digital marketing is growing to an unprecedented high.

We have professionals from IIM’s and IIT’s who joined our bootcamp course to understand the dynamics of digital marketing platforms and how they can be leveraged for business growth for SMB’s and large business houses.

  1. Become Placement Ready

Today marketing world requires some real skillful talent. A fresher looking to kick-start their career needs to have complete knowledge on how Facebook, Google and other digital marketing platforms can be leveraged for growth.

  1. Skill Set Advancement

The tailored course structure aims at providing the best learning experience to each student. This type of learning exposes them to the digital marketing channels; they will be efficient at managing in the company.

  1. Prepare for a Bigger Digital Landscape

Get to work with real-time clients who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each month into AdWords campaigns or FB advertising campaigns. You will analyze their performance and suggest optimizations.

  1. Google and Microsoft Certifications

This kind of personalized learning to each student makes him or her more confident in handing digital marketing responsibilities with ease in the company. There is no better learning than learning on a real-time business model.

  1. Strong In-Demand Digital Skills

Digital Marketing Skills are one of the most sought skills in today’s job market. It has been identified that if digital marketing is put to proper use for a company’s marketing activities, will yield more measurable results that any other marketing.

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Global opportunities

Get Recognized by Google & Microsoft

  • Google Ads Fundamentals Certification – (Includes overall fundamentals of Google Ads)
  • Google Ads Search Certification – (includes practical scenario based issues)
  • Google Ads Display Certification – (includes questions on Branding, reach)
  • Google Ads Mobile Certification – (includes mobile advertising related questions)
  • Google Ads Video Certification – (includes video ads  related questions)
  • Google Analytics Certification – (Includes questions on acquisition, behavior & goal)
  • Microsoft Bing Ads Accreditation – (Checks your Bing Ads knowledge)

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