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The competitive world of Digital Marketing today embarks on the digital media platforms to enhance the corporate entity to step into a dynamic ecosystem. In this paradigm, there are quite lots of individuals who struggle to become a part of the digital journey. In this realm, our mission and projections at Measure Marketer aims to invoke the competencies of true digital marketing professionals through a comprehensive yet a short-duration training programmes which aims to enable the individuals to deliver the innovative digital marketing solutions to the clients.

We get involved in providing a range of techniques with an inclusion of brainstorming sessions on digital marketing strategies coupled with the relevant case studies. The vision would be to enable the aspirant to have the problem-solving ability and also to inculcate the cognitive learning experience on digital marketing platforms. The concept is delivered with the blend of interactive presentations and further engages the unique learning experience completely in real time.

It hardly matters if you are a new entrant in the field of Digital Marketing or a Digital Marketing Professional working on a specific domain, enriching the technical proficiency in Digital Marketing has always been an asset. This technical proficiency could further enable the individual to either take up a role for himself in an enterprise organization or kick start his entrepreneurial journey using digital marketing skills acquired in the bootcamp program.

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Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a Program where one would learn the real skills to become a real digital marketer with advanced eCommerce skills. You would gain experience equivalent to 3 to 5 years after the successful completion of bootcamp.
Prashanth Reniguntala
Founder & Chief Trainer

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Google Partners is Google’s platform for Agencies who want to get most out of their relationship with Google.

There are 3 qualification levels to achieve this status i.e. Performance, Spend and Specialisations. Verify our status by clicking on the Google Partner Logo and check Google Partners Database. All other institutes just put the logo but don’t enjoy the actual status.


It means that we’re Trusted by Google and that our Students & Clients can trust us too with Google Ads Campaign Management, Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Hyderabad just display the logo claiming the status, but to maintain the status, one have to manage a large spend without any decline in the MCC account. We have managed an ad spend of over INR 400,000,000 (40 Crores)

Prashanth Reniguntala- Microsoft Ads certified
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We aim and aspire to teach you the skills that are not taught otherwise. You will learn to experience Google Ads, FB Ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Server, Search and Display, APP Marketing in real time.

Create Campaigns and run those campaigns by spending money and reaching the desired KPI’s.

  • You would Learn to avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ ·

  • Growth is a mindset. Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.

  • Real-Time Insights Bootcamp – Making it happen

  • Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.)