Month: March 2019

How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Results for a healthcare client.


Multi Channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics: How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Search Results for a healthcare client? It is known to every digital marketer that Google ads work wonders for a business since it allows the business owners to connect to their prospects who are the bottom of their sales funnel. Since Google Ads has a default conversion window of 30 days (for click through conversions) that allows them to record...

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Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics - 3 Simple Steps


If you are managing ads for websites where the visitor comes to the site from one source and then moves to a different domain for purchase or checkout? You want to track multiple domains in the same analytics property, how? You want to track the users journey that involves multiple domains in the same GA property? Answer: Implement Cross Domain Tracking for both the websites. Remember, Google Analytics by default does not track...

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How to Display the hostname in Google Analytics?


If you are using google analytics to track the users behavior on your site, you would notice that the content pagess report does not display the URL with hostname (does not show the entire URL of the page) rather it displays the page URL without the hostname. I know, you might be wondering how this will affect your reporting. What if you have multiple subdomains  like ( and and users are navigating across...

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