1. Growth Mindset:

We are after growth, nothing else matters. Remember, brands and companies don’t need another digital marketing plan, they can get such plans from 100 other people and why should they hire you to do the very same thing. Companies/agencies hire those who work for their growth and give them a growth plan. Digital marketing without growth plan is useless.

Note: Growth is a mindset. Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.

digital marketing bootcamp

2. Work on real-time Google & Facebook ad campaigns.

We are an official Google Partner and now running for Premier Google Partner Status. Every month we manage an ad spend of more than 16,00,000 INR. Learn real digital marketing by working on these big accounts who spends crores. Get International Exposure and reach.

  • Work with Clients who spends over 10 Million INR into Google Ads every year.
  • Internship with a Google Partner Agency.
Reason 2 Work on real-time Google & Facebook ad campaigns

3. We’re a trusted Google Partner

Please note, not every website that displays the Google Partner Logo is a real Google Partner. They trick people into believing that they are a Google Partner. You have to check their partner status by clicking on the Google Partner Logo to see whether they are part of Google Partner’s Database.

Our Agency ID: 3392928682

Link: https://www.google.com/partners/agency?id=3392928682

digital marketing bootcamp

4. India’s first 100% real-time digital marketing immersive bootcamp.

You don’t learn digital marketing by sitting in a chair for 2 hours with a trainer writing on a board or a projector. You have to get into the field and make your hands dirty with practicals to learn and bootcamp is the place where this happens. Here you will work with a dedicated Digital Marketing Campaign Manager to learn the real-life ad strategies. It’s a Bootcamp, not an Institute. You don’t just learn, but create ad strategies that propel growth.

4. India’s first 100% real-time digital marketing immersive bootcamp

5. India’s only AdTech training company.

Make Marketer is the only place where you will learn advertising technologies. You would learn about other ad servers and publishers. Learn DFP, SSPs, Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges, DSPs and DCM. It is impossible to even have access to these accounts for learning.

Note: No course in India, covers these modules. It is next to impossible to have all these accounts.

5. India’s only AdTech training company.

6. Dedicated developer support for advanced tag implementation.

To be a digital marketing ninja you need to implement GTM, Data Layers, Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, subdomain, cross domain tracking and dynamic remarketing and event capturing. You need to know how website works and how users interact with the website. You need to have practical knowledge on using HTML codes, JavaScript codes to track the users activity.  To become a digital marketing ninja you have to be comfortable with coding. We are partnered with the Hacking School – India’s First Coding Bootcamp for this.

Note: No Institute teaches these advanced topics in real-time across India.

6. Dedicated developer support for advanced tag implementation.

7. Implement advanced ad strategies on live client:

You can’t just learn basic stuff and expect to find a great job and make an awesome career. Remember, You got to become a marketing ninja by implementing advanced strategies like setting up a conversion funnel, tracking users based on web activity, Ad Customizers, Scripts and Marketing API’s, Tracking Templates, Advanced segments, Cross channel remarketing, attribution models, MCF reports, dynamic remarketing, laser targeted custom audiences, CRO, GA debugging tools etc. in live scenarios.

Note: Most of these topics, you won’t even find in any other course curriculum.

7. Implement advanced ad strategies on live client:

8. Regular meetups with industry leaders & mentors:

Getting connected to industry experts and learning from their experiences will drive you further than you normally would. At Make Marketer’s Incubator you will have guest sessions with several startup founders. Your network is your net worth. We have regular hackathons with The Hacking School Coders where we help them create their marketing strategy for their products. This way you will learn to understand the ecosystem of product development as well.

8. Regular meetups with industry leaders & mentors

9. You would learn to ask the questions that matter:

This is not an institute, where you have to sit in a class and work it out. Bootcampers learn everything in such great detail that they spent hours on each important topic and go so in-depth that they can write an article on each advanced feature. No one moves to next topic unless all their questions remain answered and they can implement the same without any hassle for a live website.

digital marketing bootcamp

10. Excellent workplace that instills new energy everyday:

Make Marketer enjoys a state-of-the-art workspace where bootcampers and employees have a free style workplace. We believe that great learning begins at a great place with a cup of coffee. We aspired to have an office that motivates everyone with new energy each day. Just to add, bootcampers never leave office before 9 pm, they get so involved in learning new topics that they don’t leave early.

Note: We have a coffee day’s vending machine for all coffee lovers.

10. Excellent workplace that instills new energy everyday

11. 100% Practicals with Live Digital Marketing Project Training.

We have a no-go policy to boards and classrooms unless you are drawing some flow charts developing ad strategies. You will do everything live on a live account or third-party tools. We help all the bootcampers create their own websites, and setup a WordPress theme and install all tags. We make them run campaigns on Google and FB by adding our money, to give them that practical edge.

Note: No other course can even come close to this quality and contents.

digital marketing bootcamp

12. Internship with a Google Partner Agency

After the successful completion of the bootcamp for 5-6 Hours each day for 55 days, the bootcampers shall become mentors to next cohort members , so they can colearn and cowork with other cohort members. The best learning is to teach. Bootcampers shall do internship with our Agency, which is a Google Partner and start handle our clients websites and their Google and Facebook ad campaigns so they have real time experience before they move on to work with other company or agency.

Internship with a Google Partner Agency

13. Extensive study on case studies to learn growth strategies.

To become the real digital marketer that companies love to hire, will not come by simply learning features and other technical aspects of digital marketing. You have to spend time reading and understanding the success stories and their growth hacking techniques. Even before you start digital marketing training, it is important to put on the growth mindset.

Extensive study on case studies to learn growth strategies

14. 100% Placement Guaranteed Program.

Getting a job after acquiring these in-depth skills is just a formality. You don’t just find a job, rather you will be focused on career.  Our assurance is that no digital marketing company will reject your application because of subject. We want bootcampers to become the lynchpin of the company.

100% Placement Guaranteed Program.

15. Video recordings for advanced topics, 1 to 1 sessions.

We want to kill this idea of batches, join this new batch or join our next batch will never make you learn the data driven way of digital marketing. You have to have an approach based on business models and their effective implementation. Since these advanced topics need to be revised since functionalities of different websites are different. We provide you with all video recordings of important sessions and strategies.

Video recordings for advanced topics, 1 to 1 sessions